hello! i'm Khalila, and i am a lot of things: a writer, a diviner, an artist manager, a healer, a poet, a sister, a daughter, a partner, a friend. four years ago, i began experimenting with tarot cards out of curiosity, and reading them turned into a hobby. over time, the messages i received from my tarot deck sharpened, and the cards increasingly told powerful, nuanced, and well-timed stories. i began reading for others and connecting the dots between the tarot and my work as a music journalist, strategist, and artist manager, rooting myself in the healing qualities of storytelling. i’ve learned from other tarot readers, taken courses, read books about the tarot, and intuited my way into my current practice, where i delight and continue to draw a deep sense of purpose from helping to ignite clarity, confidence, and purpose in others. i work with friends, artists, individuals and collectives seeking truth and healing through storytelling because the stories we listen to, tell ourselves, and share with others are the codes to our futures. it’s up to us to read, write, throw out, rewrite, and revise them. CHANN3L is a place to exercise that power. thank you for being here!