At CHANN3L, reading the tarot is a liberatory practice. It is an opportunity to imagine and remember.

About My Practice

I work with friends, artists, individuals and collectives seeking truth, consciousness activation and healing through storytelling. It’s up to us to read, write, discard, imagine, and revise these stories. CHANN3L is a place to exercise that power.

Photo of Tarot Cards at CHANN3L's Studio

Current Offerings:

All sessions are currently offered as a virtual Zoom reading. They are also offered on a sliding scale for people who are non-white & queer, trans, and/or non-binary—please reach out.

Tarot readings make a lovely gift! Book for a loved one, and share the power of storytelling and self-determination.

30 Minute Reading

Great for burning questions and deep dives into specific life situations, this spread is designed to get you answers and bring you clarity.
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1 Hour Reading

An in-depth look at your past, present and future in several aspects of your life, created to illuminate the forces at work with regard to your biggest dreams, and give you the advice you need to move forward confidently.
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90 Minute Reading

An extension of the hour session, with room for follow-up questions and additional cards. Following the session, you’ll receive a personal affirmation to reflect on based on the outcome of your reading.
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Thank you for this! It was such a treat to be on the receiving end of your reading. Thank you for taking the time to explain the cards in such clear and poetic terms. It was a wonderful experience. —Naomi S.
Thank you for your wonderful work. Our session offered me a lot of clarity and understanding. I’ll certainly be reaching out to you in the near future! —Steven M.
Thank you very much for the session. It helped me in understanding how I feel towards certain situations and has provided some clarity in terms of what I need to do moving forward. —Fabian M.

About Me

I'm Khalila, and I am a lot of things: a writer, a creative consultant, a diviner, a poet, a sister, a daughter, a partner, a friend. Four years ago, I began experimenting with tarot cards out of curiosity, and reading them turned into a hobby. Over time, the messages I received from my tarot deck sharpened, and the cards increasingly told powerful, nuanced, and well-timed stories. I’ve learned from other tarot readers, taken courses, read books, and intuited my way into my current practice where I delight and continue to draw a deep sense of purpose from helping to ignite clarity, confidence, and purpose in others.

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